Smart travel saves energy

Every day, we make several journeys to work, shopping and
leisure activities. How do you travel? Your daily mobility choices
make a difference to the environment, your health and even your

About one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions in the Helsinki
metropolitan area are from traffic. Private cars account for 60% of
the emissions. Emissions have been steadily increasing.

Cars, often with just one person in them, take a lot of
space, and cause congestion and noise.

It is, however, not always necessary to use a car.

“In urban areas, cycling is often faster than driving a car.
It is also economic and healthy," reminds HSL's Mobility Management
Specialist Anna Ruskovaara. Also public transport or car sharing
are good options.

Less driving

“HSL encourages people to make reasonable mobility choices,"
says Ruskovaara. “For example, we work together with employers in
the region in order that as many people as possible could commute
in a sustainable way.”

The future vision is that more and more people would choose
another mode of transport than the car for their journeys in the
Helsinki region.

“Getting around without a car is economic, healthy, safe,
eco-friendly and easy.”

You do not necessarily have to switch completely from driving
to e.g. cycling; reducing your driving and learning to drive
economically are enough.

Are you a Climate Guru?

This year's Energy Saving Week takes place from 8 to 14 October.
Energy Saving Week aims to get people to pay attention to their
energy use.

Energy use of transport can be made more efficient with the
help of technology, e.g. using hybrid or electric cars and buses.

“Each of us can also think about our own mobility choices and
increase walking and cycling,” says Ruskovaara.

If you drive, try to combine journeys. For example, pick up
your groceries on the way home from work.

HSL’s ‘Jälki’ carbon calculator enables you to calculate the
emissions from your weekday travel.  Find out, whether you are a
Climate Guru or perhaps a Footprint Monster.