HSL presents the route network plan for Tikkurila-Hakunila area to residents

HSL will present the draft route network plan for
Tikkurila-Hakunila area at two public meetings in Vantaa on 13
November and 15 November. At the meetings, residents can view the
draft plan and discuss it with HSL’s planners as well as comment on
the plan. The draft plan will be available also on HSL’s website as
of 13 November. 

HSL has been preparing the route network plan for
Tikkurila-Hakunila area during the past autumn.  HSL has collected
residents’ views and ideas online to support the preparation of the

Increasing number of passengers to switch to rail services
when the Ring Rail Line opens

There will be substantial changes to bus routes in Vantaa when
the Ring Rail Line opens. The share of train passengers will
increase and the share of bus services will decrease
correspondingly. The Ring Rail Line will increase the operating
costs of HSL area commuter train services by some EUR 16 million a
year. One of the goals of the revision of bus routes is to keep the
costs reasonable also after services have begun on the Ring Rail
Line in 2015.

For example, most journeys from Tikkurila to Myyrmäki and from
the center of Helsinki to the Airport will in future be made by
train and thus, a bus route network like the present one will no
longer be needed.

In Tikkurila-Hakunila area bus routes will be planned so that
transferring from buses to trains is easy both at the Tikkurila
station and at other stations. On the most important routes, the
old, infrequently running services will be combined into trunk
routes with frequent service operating every day from morning to
evening .  

Public meetings

Tue 13 November, Sotunki School/ Sotunki Upper
Secondary School, library/auditorium (Sotungintie 19, 01200 Vantaa)
5pm to 7pm

Thu 15 November, Laurea UAS, Tikkurila, lobby
(Ratatie 22, 01300 Vantaa) 5pm to 7pm