Route network for western Vantaa presented at public meetings

HSL presents the draft route network plan for western Vantaa at
two public meetings on 19 and 22 November. At the meetings,
residents can view the draft plan, give their comments and discuss
the plan with HSL’s planners.

The first meeting is held on Monday 19 November at Kannisto
School (address Kenraalintie 6) from 6pm to 7.30pm.

The second meeting is at held at Kilteri School in Myyrmäki
(address Iskostie 8) on Thursday 22 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Residents can comment the route network plan also online on a
blog opened for the project.

The planning area of western Vantaa includes, among others,
Myyrmäki, Martinlaakso, Pähkinärinne and Kivistö districts. The
plan is one of four route network plans HSL has drawn up this year.
Together the four plans cover the whole of Vantaa.

HSL hopes that residents would actively participate in the
preparation of the route network plan and tell about their travel
needs. The local knowledge of residents provides new ideas, brings
forth development needs and helps HSL's planners to analyze and
improve the initial data.

Changes to public transport services due to Ring Rail Line

One of the goals of the plan is to simplify the route network in
western Vantaa. At the same time, bus services are adjusted to the
new situation: service on the Ring Rail Line will begin in 2015.

The plan also addresses regional bus routes running from
western Vantaa to the Helsinki city center.

Previously, public transport in the area has been based on
bus services but in future the share of train passengers will
increase while the share of bus services will correspondingly
decrease. The new Ring Rail Line creates need to develop feeder
links to stations.

Thanks to Ring Rail Line train services the public transport
connections to e.g. Marja-Vantaa built around the Kivistö station
will significantly improve. The Ring Rail Line will also provide
better and clearly faster connections from western Vantaa to the
Airport and Tikkurila, for example. 

Crosstown connections are improved by introducing a new trunk
bus route Jokeri 2, which will start to run from Vuosaari via
Kontula and Malmi to Myyrmäki. The bus will start to operate some
time in 2015, when the tunnel going under the Central Park is