Employers satisfied with HSL’s services for smart travel

HSL promotes smart commuting, i.e. the use of public
transport and other sustainable modes of transport. Over 90 percent
of the employers who have used HSL’s services and responded to
HSL’s survey would recommend the services to others.     

A total of 34 persons from 28 companies responded to the survey
HSL conducted in November 2012.  Almost 70 % of the respondents
considered cooperation with HSL useful.

“The employers felt that the cooperation provided them
environmental and image benefits, in particular. Some respondents
also mentioned reduced parking problems and increased job
satisfaction,” says
Anna Ruskovaara,  a mobility management specialist
at HSL.

HSL’s representatives were considered expert in their field (90
%) and cooperation with HSL was considered good (81 %). Almost 84 %
of the respondents felt they had received sufficient
information about smart travel choices.

“HSL offers a very extensive range of services, and we were
positively surprised by the possibilities these services open for
reducing the environmental impacts of commuting,” commented one of
the respondents.

Tools for sustainable mobility 

The respondents had adopted various measures to promote smart

The most popular measures and services used were participating
in the national Kilometrikisa cycling campaign, obtaining
multi-user Travel Cards for work-related journeys, and preparing
commuting plans. 

Some respondents had also introduced bicycles for work-related
errands and employer-subsidized commuter tickets. Information on
public transport timetables was provided online and on lobby

“Encouraging employees to make smart travel choices is worth the
effort, because smart commuting brings cost savings, increases
wellbeing and reduces emissions," emphasizes Ruskovaara.  

“HSL has been providing mobility management services since it
was established, i.e. for three years already. We are constantly
developing our services. For example, last year we completed a new
concept for schools," she tells.