Service contracts for bus routes 105, 109, 206, 212 and 213 awarded

HSL has awarded the contracts for bus routes 105, 109, 206, 212
and 213. Only the operator of route 109 will change. The new
contracts will come into effect on 17 June 2013.

The price level of the services tendered in this round will fall
by an average of 9 %, i.e. a total of EUR 0.5 million a year. The
prices fall because the current short-time, temporary contracts
were tendered in exceptional circumstances after the bankruptcy of
Westendin Linja Oy, which resulted in an unusually high price

New buses in 2014

A total of seven new buses will enter into service on the routes
now tendered at the beginning of 2014. The new buses will be E6
compliant with significantly lower local emissions than the current
buses. Also, the buses will be equipped with air conditioning,
ignition interlocks, surveillance cameras at doors and a driving
style monitoring system. Drivers’ safety will be improved by safety
cabins and camera surveillance.

The current and new operators of the routes as of 17 June 2013


Current operator

New operator



Åbergin Linja Oy

Bus Travel Åbergin linja Oy


Oy Andersson Ab

Nobina Finland Oy

206, 212, 213

Nobina Finland Oy

Nobina Finland Oy