HSL invites comments from municipalities on ticket pricing principles

In the future zone model, the boundaries of travel zones will be
based on the distance from the center of Helsinki. In addition to
the zone boundaries, the ticket prices will fundamentally depend on
the ticket pricing principles. HSL has studied the impacts of
pricing principles on operating costs, ticket revenue and need for
public transport funding. 

The Executive Board of HSL is inviting comments on ticket
pricing principles, price relations and discount tickets from HSL’s
member municipalities. The ticket prices will not be decided until
the zone model is introduced at the beginning of 2016, at the

In the current system, the ticket prices do not correspond to
the distance traveled because the travel zones are based on
municipal boundaries. Short journeys across municipal boundaries
are expensive relative to long journeys within municipalities. In
the zone model, the problem is addressed by setting a minimum
purchase requirement of two zones in the Helsinki metropolitan area
to narrow the price gap between the zones. On the other hand, the
zone model allows the current users of regional tickets to purchase
a two-zone ticket instead of a ticket covering the entire
metropolitan area.

Season ticket would remain the most economic ticket option also
in the new pricing model, while single tickets would be the most
expensive option. 

In addition to season tickets, passengers are encouraged to buy
value tickets, and thus value tickets should be cheaper than single
tickets also in the future.

The age limit for children's tickets is proposed to be raised by
one year, i.e. children aged 7-17 years would be able to travel on
children’s tickets. Student tickets would be available for students
aged 18-29 living permanently in the HSL area. The prices of both
children’s tickets and student tickets would be half the adult

A new senior ticket is proposed for elderly people. The
half-price value ticket would be valid on daytime transport
services between 9am and 2pm, and it would be available for all
residents of HSL’s member municipalities aged 70 years and

Map showing the fare zones

Map showing the fare zones in the HSL area