Season ticket refunds due to the stoppage by Veolia Transport Vantaa bus drivers on 3 April 2013

If you were not able to use your Travel Card during the stoppage
on 3 April 2013 without major inconvenience, HSL can compensate you
for the loss incurred. Refunds are considered on a case by case
basis upon application submitted to HSL.

The claim for refund must be submitted within two months of the
stoppage ending. You can print out the application form by using
the link below, or you can get one from a Travel Card service

Refund application form


Issuing of refunds

A season ticket loaded into a Travel Card before the stoppage
and valid during the stoppage is refunded to the customer at HSL’s
discretion, if the customer has not been able to use public
transport on their usual journeys. 

The passenger must reliably show that they have not been able to
use the service they have paid for on their usual journeys, e.g.
daily journeys to/from work and school or regular journeys for
leisure or personal business. Refund is considered on the basis of
the public transport connections the passenger normally uses and
possible replacement connections.

Refund is given as a season ticket or value loaded on Travel
Card. The amount of value is calculated according to the type of
ticket used by the customer using the price per day calculated from
the 14-day basic price. In addition, the direct costs of applying
for refund (postal and telephone costs) are refunded on
presentation of receipts, upon the customer's request.

HSL is not obliged to compensate passengers for additional costs
incurred by special transport arrangements during the stoppage, for
example, taxi rides, fuel expenses, or public transport tickets

Customers can submit the refund application to HSL by post or by
visiting a Travel Card service point.

Refund for a direct debit season ticket

The refund given for a direct-debit season ticket is calculated
on the basis of the price paid by the customer. Possible refunds
are paid to the customer’s bank account. 

Refund for an employer-subsidized commuter ticket

The refund for a terminable season ticket is given as a season
ticket or value loaded on Travel Card in the same way as in the
case of normal season tickets.

If the period of validity of the season ticket loaded on a card
is unlimited and it is paid by the employer by direct debit, the
possible refund belongs to the employer, not the customer. The
employer must apply for the refund.