Kutsuplus is a good option for businesses

HSL’s new Kutsuplus service suits different travel needs and is
a good alternative for car. As Kutsuplus offers seamless travel
with no worries about parking, it is convenient for traveling
between offices or visiting customers, for example. 

Kutsuplus rides can be booked quickly online. The rides are also
paid for online using a Trip Wallet when the order is placed. You
can load money into the Wallet via an online payment.

You can share a Trip Wallet with several persons, for example,
with company employees. A shared Trip Wallet is an easy, safe and
economical solution for companies. Employees do not need to carry
cash or submit travel expense claims. 

Construction and civil engineering company WSP Finland uses a
shared Trip Wallet with which the staff can pay their
travel-related journeys. As the company wants to promote
sustainable travel, Kutsuplus is a natural choice for them. The
experiences are positive. 

“Kutsuplus is fast and economical to use. In addition, the
vehicles are good and the drivers are ready to serve,” says Service
Manager Simo Airaksinen.

“Kutsuplus provides faster transport links than regular public
transport in particular for crosstown journeys. It is a good means
of travel in cases where you would otherwise need to change

Saving costs by sharing a Wallet

A shared Trip Walled suits also families. The owner of a Wallet
can check the payment history to see the date of each payment, the
price of a journey and the email address of the person who has used
the Wallet. Each journey receipt shows the number of passengers,
the start and end times of the journey as well as the addresses or
stops between which the journey was made.

As journeys with Kutsuplus are the cheaper the more passengers
per order, why not use Kutsuplus when going for a picnic with
friends, for example. Discount is available for two or more people;
a group of at least five people travel at half fare. The Kutsuplus
minibuses have room for nine passengers.

You will always get a schedule and price for your journey before
you decide to book the ride. When placing the order, the service
offers several alternatives.The price of the journey varies
according to the travel time.

The Kutsuplus buses run from Monday to Friday from 7.30am to
6.30pm in the area south of Ring Road I with the eastern border
lying just east of the Viikki Campus. There are currently over one
thousand stops and more are being added. More virtual Kutsuplus
stops can be created, for example, at important employment

More information about the service, registration and booking of
rides at kutsuplus.fi