New bus route network for Sipoo

HSL is planning a new bus route network for Sipoo. The aim is to
simplify the current route network and provide better transport
links in particular within Sipoo and outside peak times. HSL is
also preparing to organize public transport services in Sipoo in a
new way, giving more responsibility and possibilities to influence
to the operator.

At present, HSL procures and plans only a small part of bus
services in Sipoo. The services are mainly operated on a basis of
on so called transition period service contracts. A majority of the
contracts will terminate in the end of June 2014. According to the
decision made by the Executive Board of HSL on 21 May, the route
network plan for Sipoo will take effect in August 2014.  

The new route network will give the residents of Sipoo better
access to public transport outside peak hours. Also evening and
weekends services will increase between Nikkilä and Söderkulla as
well as between Söderkulla and Eriksnäs.

Routes running between Itäkeskus and Söderkulla and between
Kerava, Talma and Nikkilä will have long operating hours. In
Itäkeskus, passengers can change to the Metro or HSL buses, in
Kerava to train.  These routes will run every day.

Also the services between Nikkilä and Söderkulla and between
Söderkulla and Eriksnäs will run every day. In addition, there will
be weekday service between the Central Railway Station in Helsinki
and Nikkilä. 

At present, buses running from Sipoo to Helsinki have their
termini at the long-distance coach terminal in Kamppi. In the
future, the buses will operate from the same terminal as other
HSL's buses. The plan proposes that in the future the buses would
run to the Central Railway Station.

Residents involved in the planning

The new route network for Sipoo was planned in interaction with
the residents. In autumn 2012, HSL used an online questionnaire to
create a research community to study the present state of public
transport in Sipoo from the residents’ point of view as well as to
understand the future needs. A total of 134 people participated in
the community.

HSL also had a blog on the route network plan where people could
have their say about, for example, the draft plans. A total of 165
comments were submitted on the blog. HSL also presented the draft
route network plan in a residents' meeting in March 2013, but the
meeting attracted only some 20 residents.

The changes proposed in the plan received comments both for and

New procurement model 

The operating costs of the route network outlined in the plan
are estimated to be EUR 4.35 million a year. However, the costs
will depend on to what extent it will be possible to utilize bus
service running through Sipoo organized by the Centre for Economic
Development, Transport and the Environment for Uusimaa (ELY
Centre). HSL’s plan is to tender the services together with the ELY

HSL will apply a new procurement model on the procurement of the
Sipoo bus services. The operator will plan the timetables and the
service provision on the basis of routes and service level
requirements set out by HSL. In the first year, the operator will
receive a fixed compensation. In the following years, the operator
would receive the fixed compensation and compensation based on the
number of passengers.