HSL and VR update their agreement

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and VR have signed a letter of intent containing changes and updates to the overall agreement on commuter train traffic.

Negotiations between the two parties also provided answers to unresolved questions and to differences in interpretation concerning the current agreement.

”We are satisfied that the new agreement recognises HSL's complete jurisdiction over the train traffic in its area. We will now be able to develop train traffic in the third zone as part of the public transport system for the entire region,” says HSL Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi.

The agreement means that HSL will also decide on the tickets that will be valid on commuter trains. For passengers, the change will be evident in the fact that only HSL tickets will be available for commuter train journeys within the HSL zone. The one exception will be the VR period ticket available to outlying commuters.

Agreement has similarly been reached on compensation for train traffic in the third zone. As a result, the growth in transport costs for Kerava and Kirkkonummi can be kept under control. Over recent years, these costs have risen considerably faster than production costs and ticket revenue.

The letter of intent also includes potential new member municipalities for HSL, as well as principles related to the use of new and old train stock.

The letter of intent was signed by HSL and VR in June, on condition that it would only enter into force if approved by HSL's Board of Directors and the Board of Directors of VR Group. The final document will be signed by the end of this year and enter into force at the beginning of 2014. The overall agreement is valid until the end of 2017.