HSL and VR enter into an agreement on commuter train tickets

HSL and VR have revised their agreement on commuter train services valid until the end of 2017. According to the revised agreement, HSL will have full power of decision on transport services within its operating area, including commuter train services. In practice this means that only HSL’s tickets will be accepted on commuter train journeys in the HSL area. VR’s zone tickets will continue to be valid on commuter train journeys beyond the HSL area. The change will come into effect at the beginning of 2014.

"The agreement incorporates train services to Kerava and Kirkkonummi into the transport services purchased by HSL. Increase in the number of passengers in Kerava and Kirkkonummi will no longer cause excessive increase in the costs to the municipalities. The revised agreement also creates clear rules for the future expansion of the HSL area and tendering of train services," says HSL Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi.

In addition, HSL and VR agreed on the use of the new Sm5 trains or the so called Flirt trains and on the removal of old trains.

“We are glad about the agreement reached as well as for the good cooperation on the development of commuter train services which will benefit passengers. VR places particular importance on that passengers from outside the area boarding commuter trains at Kerava and Kirkkonummi stations can use VR’s zone tickets for commuting also in the future,” says VR Senior Vice President Antti Tiitola.