Have your say on the impacts of trunk route 560 in Kontula and Vuosaari

A new crosstown trunk route 560 will start to run in autumn 2015. The planned route of the bus service goes from Vuosaari to Myyrmäki via the Malmi railway station and Paloheinä. The introduction of the route will cause changes to other bus routes in Vuosaari and Kontula. The Executive Board of HSL will discuss the plan in December.

Route 560, previously called Jokeri II, will significantly improve transport links between Malmi and Myyrmäki. The route is about 25 kilometers long. The new route contributes to a better transport network and improves the supply of crosstown transport services in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The plan is based on route 78 currently running between Vuosaari and Malmi.

Passenger numbers between Malmi and East Helsinki will increase when the Ring Rail Line is completed in 2015. The trunk route 560 will respond to the demand as it will provide a faster connection between Malmi and Vuosaari. Also the journey times to the airport will improve because passengers will be able to transfer between the trunk route and trains operating on the Ring Rail Line in Malmi.

Fast and frequently running trunk routes

Trunk routes are frequently running, fast bus services with extensive operating hours. Transfers are smooth and the vehicles used are accessible.

The trunk route 560 will run Monday to Friday about 4.45am-11.30pm, on Saturdays 5.30am-11.30pm and on Sundays 6am-11.30pm. At peak times, the bus will run every 7-8 minutes, during the day time Monday to Friday and on Saturdays every 10 minutes, on Sundays every 15 minutes and at quiet times every 20-30 minutes.

Journey times are reduced by traffic signal priorities and longer distancea between stops. In addition, the bus will not stop at all current bus stops. On Kallvikintie in Vuosaari, six pairs of stops will be merged into four. On Meri-Rastilantie, the bus will stop at all stops but elsewhere only at terminals, key interchange stops and at stops with high passenger numbers. However, the accessibility of stops will be maintained on a good level and special attention will be paid, for example, on Park&Ride parking for bicycles.

Changes in Vuosaari

The trunk route 560 will have the biggest impacts on the Metro feeder services in Vuosaari. The route will replace route 78 currently serving passengers traveling from the Metro station to Kallvikinkintie and the Vuosaari Harbor.


Unlike originally planned, the route 560 will be extended from the Vuosaari Metro Station to Rastila. This will prevent further congestion at the already busy Vuosaari terminal.

The new trunk route will replace route 96 in Meri-Rastila as well as route 98 between Rastila Metro Station and Vuosaari Metro Station. When the trunk route 560 begins to run, the route of bus 96 will be shortened so that the bus will run between Vuosaari(M) and Porslahdentie. The route of bus 98 will also shorten and the bus will run between Itäkeksus(M), Marjaniemi and Rastila(M).

The change will increase walking distances from the current "Venemestarintie” and “Kaivonkatsojanpuisto” bus stops on route 98. The distance from Kaivonkatsojanpuisto stop to the closest stop on the route 560 is about 250 meters and to the Metro Station about 600 meters. On the other hand, the more frequent service on the trunk route will partly offset the increased walking distances.


The route 560 will replace the discontinued service of routes 78 and 90 on Kallvikintie. The high number of stops on Kallvikintie will be reduced to speed up travel on the trunk route.

Bus 78 will be withdrawn and bus 90 will be rerouted to run from the Vuosaari Metro Station via Aurinkolahti to the Vuosaari Harbor.

Also routes 813 and 814 operated with minibuses serve Kallvik.

Read more about routes 813 and 814

At quiet times, in particular at late night, the service frequency from the Metro Station to Kallvikinkitie will decrease. At present, buses 78 and 90 run every 10 minutes while the route 560 is planned to run every 15-20 minutes in the evening. Reducing service is reasonable in view of passenger numbers. In addition, the new trunk route will provide a fast, new feeder link to the Mellunmäki Metro Station, in particular from the northern end of Kallvikintie.

Porslahdentie, Aurinkolahti and Vuosaari Harbor

In Aurinkolahti and the Vuosaari Harbor, the discontinued route 78 will be replaced by routes 90 and 96.

Bus 90 will run to the Vuosaari Harbor via Aurinkolahti, bus 96 will run to Porslahdentie.

The Metro will operate a more frequent service: between Vuosaari and Mellunmäki, there will be a train every 5 minutes instead of every 8 minutes in peak times. During the day time Monday to Friday and on Saturdays and in the early evening, the Metro will run every 7.5 minutes instead of every 10 minutes. The frequency of feeder services, for example routes 90 and 96, will be adjusted to the new Metro timetables: the buses will run every 10 minutes at peak times (at present every 8 minutes), at other times every 15 or 20 minutes (at present every 20 minutes).

Changes in Mellunmäki, Kontula and Kivikko

The route 560 will improve services along Mellunmäentie and Kontulantie.

In Kivikko, the bus links to the Kontula Metro Station and Malmi will at first be replaced by a temporary peak hour service 78. Once the Kivikko interchange is completed, approximately in autumn 2016, the route of bus 57 running between Munkkiniemi and Latokartano is extended to Kontula via Kivikko. At the same time, the peak hour service 78 will be withdrawn.

There will be good transfer connections from route 57 to the trunk route 560 as well as routes 519 and 554 to Malmi. At the Kivikko interchange, passengers will also be able to transfer to route 54 running along Ring Road I in the direction of Pitäjänmäki.

The peak hour service 94V to Kontulankaari will be withdrawn and replaced by increased service on route 94 Itäkeskus-Kontulankaari.

Summary: Changes to bus routes according to the plan

when the trunk route 560 Rastila (M)–Vuosaari–Kontula–Malmi–Myyrmäki starts to run in autumn 2015:

  •  Route 78, Vuosaari Harbor-Mellunmäki (M)-Malmi, withdrawn.  A new temporary peak hour service starts to operate under the same route number between Kontula(M), Kivikko and Malmi Hospital.  The peak hour service is withdrawn when the Kivikko intersection is completed approximately in autumn 2016.
  •  The route of bus 90 changes: the new route is Vuosaari(M)–Aurinkolahti–Vuosaari Harbor. At present, the bus runs between Vuosaari(M) and Kallvikintie.
  •  The route of bus 96 is shortened so that the bus runs between Vuosaari(M) and Porslahdentie. At present, the bus runs until Rastila Metro Station.
  •  The route of bus 98 is shortened so that the bus runs between Itäkeskus(M), Marjaniemi and Rastila(M). At present, the bus runs until Vuosaari Metro Station.
  •  Route 98A is withdrawn.
  •  The route of bus 57 is extended from Latokartano via Kivikko to Kontula when the Kivikko intersection is competed approximately in autumn 2016.

The aim of the plan is to simplify the route network.  The number of bus routes and route variations are reduced to improve the supply on trunk route 560.

The experiences of the first trunk route in the Helsinki region, route 550, have been positive.  Also international experiences show that a clear route network and frequent service increases ridership and the modal share of public transport.

The Executive Board of HSL will discuss the plan in December 2013.The services will start to operate in August 2015.


 The route of trunk route 560

 Bus route network in Vuosaari and Kontula prior to the completion of the Kivikko interchange in 2016

 Bus route network in Vuosaari and Kontula after the completion of the Kivikko interchange

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