HSL’s Executive Board decided on the pricing principles of the future zone system

The pricing principles determine price ratios between different zones. Ticket prices will be decided annually when setting the budget. A 30-day adult season ticket for the innermost zones AB would cost €50, for zones BC €60. A 30-day ticket for zones ABC, which is the closest equivalent to the current regional ticket, would cost €90. A ticket covering the whole present HSL area would cost €140. The prices are expressed at 2013 price level.

 “We need to find a balance between several competing factors in the ticket pricing. The fares must remain reasonable in order that passenger numbers continue to increase. On the other hand, the municipalities' need for funding should not increase from the present. The decision now made takes both of these aspects into account well," states Suvi Rithniemi. 

In the zone model, the zone boundaries are based on the distance from the center of Helsinki. The zones have been designated by letters A through D from the inner to the outer zone. Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa are located in the three innermost zones. In this ABC area, season, value and single tickets are always valid for at least two zones (AB or BC).

Last spring, HSL sought statements from the municipalities on the price ratios between the zones and different tickets as well as on the pricing principles for different customer groups. HSL’s Executive Board discussed the issue on 19 November but it was left unresolved. The decision now made differs from the original proposal in that the price of a ticket for zone D has been raised to €60. The 10 euro increase was made in response to the comments from Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo. A ticket for zones BCD would cost €120.  

Discounts for children, students and seniors

The age limit for children's tickets will be raised by one year: in future children aged 7-17 years travel at the child fare. Students aged 18-29 years living permanently in the HSL area can purchase student tickets. The price of both children’s tickets and student tickets is half the adult fare.

The new zone model includes also a senior ticket. All permanent residents in the HSL area aged 70 years and over will get a 50 per cent discount on value tickets. The ticket is valid 9am-2pm on all days of the week.

The new public transport zone model will be introduced after the renewal of the ticketing and information system and change of Travel Cards in 2017. The new model will enable the expansion of the tariff system to new areas and it will adjust flexibly to different municipal structures.

 Zone map