HSL’s new trunk route 560 will provide a link between East Helsinki and Ring Rail Line

HSL’s new crosstown trunk route 560 will start to operate in autumn 2015. The bus will run from Rastila via Vuosaari Metro Station, Malmi station and Paloheinä to Myyrmäki. Journey times between East Helsinki and the airport will shorten as passengers will be able to transfer between route 560 buses and Ring Rail Line trains at Malmi station. The new route will also bring changes to other bus routes in Vuosaari and Kontula. There has been a lively discussion on the changes on HSL’s web site in November and December.

Route 560 will run about every 7-8 minutes at peak times. On weekends, the bus will run every 10-15 minutes and at quiet times every 20-30 minutes. The operating hours will be approximately 4.45am-11.30pm Monday to Friday, on weekends 5.30am-11.30pm.

Distances between bus stops will be longer than on regular bus routes to make travel smoother. Journey times are shortened also by traffic signal priorities. Good transfer links have been a key criteria when choosing the locations of stops. Special attention has been paid also on Park&Ride parking for bicycles. The route is 28 kilometers long and the travel time from Vuosaari to Myyrmäki will be 50 minutes, from Rastila 60 minutes.

Trunk route 560 is HSL’s second trunk route. The experiences of the first trunk route 550, which has been operating for a little less than 10 years, have been positive. Also international experiences show that a clear route network and frequent service increase ridership and the use of public transport. HSL estimates that the route 560 will increase annual public transport journeys by about 600,000 and ticket revenue by EUR 500,000. The changes to be introduced in autumn 2015 will incur an additional cost of EUR 2.6 million.

Route changes in Vuosaari, Kivikko and Kontula

In autumn 2015, the biggest changes will take place in Vuosaari. Route 78, Vuosaari Harbor–Mellunmäki Metro Station–Malmi, will be withdrawn. A new temporary peak hour service will start to operate under the same route number between Kontula Metro Station, Kivikko and Malmi Hospital. The peak hour service will be withdrawn when the Kivikko intersection is completed approximately in autumn 2016.

Bus 90 will be rerouted to run between Vuosaari Metro Station, Aurinkolahti and Vuosaari Harbor. At present, the bus runs between Vuosaari Metro Station and Kallvikintie. Bus 96 will be rerouted to run between Porslahdentie and Vuosaari Metro Station.  

Route 98 will be shortened to run between Itäkeskus Metro Station, Marjaniemi and Rastila Metro Station. Route 98A will be withdrawn. The route of bus 57 will be extended from Latokartano via Kivikko to Kontula when the Kivikko intersection is completed approximately in autumn 2016.