Kutsuplus now operates also in the evening

Kutsuplus rides now available Monday to Friday 6 am-11 pm.

The operating hours of Kutsuplus buses are extended both in the early morning and late evening. As of Monday 2 December, the buses run Monday to Friday from 6 am-11 pm. Trips can be booked from 5.45 am.

Longer operating hours have topped the wish list of Kutsuplus users. Now the wish comes true, thanks to five new buses entering into service.

The new buses are furnished with the same high-quality equipment as all Kutsuplus buses: they have, for example, air conditioning, laptop connectors, overhead lighting for each seat and remotely controlled sliding doors.

HSL’s Kutsuplus is an intelligent transport service that provides direct, tailored rides from stop to stop. The Kutsuplus minibuses can pick up other passengers going in the same direction along the route. An introduction to the service is available at kutsuplus.fi where you can also register to the service and book rides.

The website is now available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

Kutsuplus is the first fully automated on-demand public transport service in the world, as far as we know. Its control and service systems have been developed by Ajelo Oy, a company established by a group of researchers from Aalto University. The service is being further developed. Ajelo Oy will introduce significant new features to respond to customers' wishes already in the near future.