You can now book a Kutsuplus ride also via SMS

Kutsuplus rides can now be booked also via SMS. This means you can use Kutsuplus without an internet connection and registering.

You can order a Kutsuplus ride from stop to stop by sending an SMS with the letter code ‘KP’ followed by the numbers of the departure and destination stops to 16355. For example, via an SMS ‘KP 1901 E1129’ you book a ride from the Swedish Theater in Helsinki to a stop close to the Sello shopping center in Espoo.

You can also book a ride for several persons and set a maximum fare for your journey. Add a letter ‘x’ before the number of passengers and an ‘e’ before the maximum fare. For example, to book a ride for three persons only if the ride available costs maximum €20, send an SMS ‘KP 1901 E1129 x3 e20’.

The booking via SMS is binding.  You will get a confirmation message with the price of the ride and all information needed for the journey. The fare is charged to your phone bill. If a Kutsuplus bus is not available, you are notified by SMS. SMS booking is possible with the subscriptions of Elisa, Saunalahti, Sonera and Tele Finland.

When booking via SMS, the cheapest ride available at the moment of booking is automatically selected.

Use the price calculator at to view the fares. The map available along the price calculator shows the stops of Kutsuplus buses as well as their stop numbers. Zoom in the map to view the stops. You can also ask for the stop numbers of Kutsuplus stops by calling HSL’s customer service on 09 4766 4000.