New bus routes in Kirkkonummi and Sipoo in autumn 2014

HSL’s goal has been to simplify the bus route networks and provide more frequent connections.

HSL drew up a bus route network plan for Sipoo in spring 2013 and for Kirkkonummi already in 2011. The plans will be put into practice in autumn 2014 when HSL assumes the responsibility for the organization of bus services in the two municipalities.

HSL plans and tenders the routes and procures the services. Bus operators plan the timetables also in the future but HSL will set up guidelines for the level of service.

HSL’s goal has been to simplify the bus route networks in both of the municipalities.

Feeder services in Sipoo

In Sipoo, the new route network will give people better access to public transport outside peak hours and the services will be more evenly distributed across the day. Evening and weekends services will increase between Nikkilä and Söderkulla as well as between Söderkulla and Eriksnäs.

Buses between Itäkeskus and Söderkulla, Kerava, Talma and Nikkilä, Nikkilä and Söderkulla as well as Söderkulla and Eriksnäs will run every day. In addition, there will be weekday service between the Central Railway Station in Helsinki and Nikkilä. There will also be school buses to Nikkilä and Söderkulla that will serve also commuters.

The bus route 841 running from Helsinki city center to South Sipoo will be turned into a feeder service from Itäkeskus Metro Station to Söderkulla. Also passengers from Helsinki to Nikkilä will in the future have to change buses at Kerava station on weekday evenings and at weekends.

However, the number of services between Helsinki and Nikkilä at quiet times will increase because the short feeder service can be operated more frequently than the longer route to Helsinki.

Number of different route versions cut in Kirkkonummi

In Kirkkonummi, the number of different route versions will decrease from over one hundred to about twenty. The level of service will improve in particular in the sparsely populated areas where bus services will in the future operate on all weekdays. Earlier there has been no service to many areas during school breaks. Most places Kirkkonummi with no services in summer time will in the future have services operating also in the summer.

Transport links between Espoo and Kirkkonummi will improve when Espoo internal route 87 is extended from Kolmiranta to Veikkola. In addition a new route 911 will start to run between Kauklahti, Masala and Kirkkonummi.

Kirkkonummen linjastosuunnitelma (in Finnish)

Sipoon linjastosuunnitelma (in Finnish)