My HSL provides information about your preferred routes online service expands with a new My HSL section which provides all information you wish to get in one place. You can register for the service at

Once you have registered, you can select the routes for which you want to receive traffic bulletins, news and disruptions alerts. You can get the news and alerts via My HSL or you can have them sent to your email.

In My HSL you can also register to use a new bike parking service. The service is run by HSL and HKL and it is at first trialed at Vuosaari Metro Station. There are both sheltered bicycle racks with a frame locking system and lockers which work with a Travel Card. During the pilot, HSL collects feedback on the use of the lockers and how they work.

My HSL contains the following familiar services: Disruption info ( and My departures (, which have been upgraded on the basis of customer feedback prior to moving them to the new address. Disruption info and My departures will be closed in early 2014 but you will be able to use the familiar services by registering for My HSL.

My HSL is first released as a beta version and the service is further developed on the basis of user experiences and feedback. Please note that the English language version is not yet complete.