My HSL provides information about your preferred routes

My HSL provides all public transport information you choose to get in one place. You can select the routes for which you want to receive traffic bulletins, news and disruption alerts. You will get the information in the service and if you want to, you can also get the information to your email.

You can register to My HSL at The service includes the familiar Disruption Info. Another popular service, My departures is available in My Journey Planner in which you can save your own stops and route searches.

For the time being, you need to login to My HSL and My Journey Planner separately, i.e. you need a username and password for both of them. We are currently looking at the possibility of using the services with one username and we will try to introduce single sign-on during this year.

My HSL is first released as a beta version and the service is further developed on the basis of user experiences and feedback.

Take a look at the service