E-invoice, direct payment and employer-subsidized commuter ticket invoicing service to end on 31 December 2014

The ticketing and information system redesign will bring changes to the payment procedures for season tickets. HSL’s e-invoice and direct payment as well as employer-subsidized commuter ticket services will end on 31 December 2014. Setting up of new invoice agreements ended on 2 June 2014. In future, HSL will develop online payment and mobile ticketing along with traditional physical stores and other payment methods.

HSL is developing online loading of Travel Cards as part of the ticketing and information system redesign. The new ticketing and information system will not include e-invoice and direct payment services.

The invoice agreements with private customers are valid until the end of 2014 after which the Travel Cards will not be valid. In order to be able to use the Travel Card after the turn of the year, the card must be updated and the invoice agreement terminated at an HSL service point. The invoice agreement must be terminated also at your bank or online bank. No changes can be made to agreements after 31 October 2014.

If you update your Travel Card at an HSL service point by 15 August, you will get a free two-week season ticket on your Travel Card. In addition, if you have not yet used your free of charge month in 2014, a free 30-day season ticket will be loaded on your card.

You can choose the validity of the season ticket between 14 and 366 days. The price of a ticket for 366 days is the same as that of the current invoiced ticket. You will also get a free 30-day ticket when purchasing a ticket for 366 days. In My Travel Card you can set up an email reminder that alerts you when your season ticket is expiring. You can register to the service and set up the reminder at omamatkakortti.hsl.fi

Invoiced employer-subsidized commuter tickets no longer available for business customers

The ticketing and information system redesign will also change the invoicing of employer-subsidized commuter tickets.  Invoiced employer-subsidized commuter tickets will be available until 31 December 2014. Invoice agreements with corporate customers will be valid until the end of 2014 after which the Travel Cards included in the invoice agreements will no longer be valid. No changes can be made to valid invoice agreements after 31 October 2014, i.e. it will not be possible to add new employees or change the validity zones of tickets, for example,

In future, employers can offer their employees easy-to-user commuter vouchers or an electronic TyömatkaPassi.