Events on the Car Free Day 22 September to mark the European Mobility Week

HSL marks the European Mobility Week with events and discounts on tickets on the Car Free Day, Monday 22 September. The Car Free Day culminates with an evening at the Linnanmäki Amusement Park and guided bus tours hosted by HSL.

The European Mobility Week 16 – 22 September encourages people to think about their daily mobility choices and their impacts on their wellbeing, the environment and society. HSL’s strategic goal is to direct the increase in traffic to public transport, walking and cycling and to make sustainable modes of transport more attractive.

Discounted public transport fares and evening at Linnanmäki on 22 September

On the Car Free Day Monday 22 September you can travel on Helsinki region public transport at discounted prices. Single and value tickets for adults cost one euro per zone, children travel at half the fare.

Internal tickets for adults cost only one euro, tickets for children cost 50 cents. Regional or 2-zone extended regional tickets (2 zones) for adults cost €2, child tickets €1. Extended regional tickets for the whole HSL area cost €3 for adults and €1.50 for children. The prices of discount rate tickets for e.g. students are the same as those of child tickets: €0.50, €1.00 and €1.50. The discount price tickets are valid as normal and they include normal rights to transfer.

Evening fun at Linnanmäkin for 5 euros

In the evening, HSL invites all Travel Card customers to have fun at the Linnanmäki Amusement Park. Travel Card customers can buy “Iltahupi” wristbands for Linnanmäki for 5 euros via the My HSL service. The gates to Linnanmäki will open at 5.30pm and the rides will be open from 6pm to 9pm.

Guided bus tours

On the Car Free Day, there will be guided bus tours on Helsinki internal routes 65A, 68 and 78, Vantaa internal route 53, and regional routes 150 and 550. Guides from Helsingin Turistioppaat ry will travel on the above-mentioned routes approximately from 3pm to 5pm and tell passengers about the historic and other interesting sites along the routes. Detailed information about the guided tours is available at  You can get on the buses at a normal fare.

Smart travel prize awarded

In August, HSL challenged employers in the HSL area to promote smart travel among their employees. On the Car Free Day, HSL will award one of the companies who took the challenge with an electric bicycle for work-related errands.