The employer-subsidized commuter ticket offers a modern option to commuters

This autumn, HSL is campaigning for employers to provide their staff with employer-subsidized commuter tickets. The campaign challenges employers to think whether their employee benefits are up-to-date and are they delivering.

Both employers and employees will benefit from the employer-subsidized commuter ticket. In the Helsinki region some 65,000 employees from 1,300 different companies are already enjoying this benefit. About 800 companies use HSL’s commuter vouchers.

HSL’s goal is to encourage as many employers as possible to provide their employees with employer-subsidized commuter tickets. The campaign will feature posters on public transport and at Metro stations as well as radio and television advertisements.

Vouchers or an electronic commuter ticket

Employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a public transport ticket provided by the employer. The ticket is intended mainly for journeys between home and work but it can also be used on leisure journeys. The employer pays for the ticket in full or in part. 

Employers can choose to offer the benefit as HSL’s commuter vouchers or alternatively as the electronic TyömatkaPassi. The employer can also make an agreement with HSL on employer-subsidized tickets valid for a fixed period.

Commuter vouchers are HSL’s main product for employers. Employees can use the vouchers for loading season tickets or value on their Travel Cards at HSL’s sales points.

TyömatkaPassi is an electronic service, which is part of Event Brokers’ ePassi services. Employees can use TyömatkaPassi to load season tickets or value on their personal Travel Cards.

HSL also offers an option to companies wanting to pay their employees’ public transport ticket in full. In this case, the employer may make an agreement with HSL and order the tickets. HSL will provide the employees with personal Travel Cards with a season ticket loaded on them for the period specified by the employer, for example a year. Invoiced employer-subsidized commuter tickets, which can be paid for electronically or with a conventional paper invoice, will only be will only be available until the end of the year.