Kaisaniemi Metro Station to be renamed University of Helsinki

The Kaisaniemi Metro Station in Helsinki will be renamed University of Helsinki in January 2015. The Finnish name of the station will be 'Helsingin yliopisto' and the Swedish name 'Helsingfors universitet'. The name change was approved by the Helsinki City Board in April 2014.

The Metro station serves a large number of passengers daily, many of them international visitors, teaching staff and students of the University of Helsinki.Consequently, it is highly important that the Metro station closest to the University is easy to recognize by its name.

The name plates of the Metro station will be changed stepwise from early January onwards, and station announcements, Helsinki Region Transport’s Metro information boards and the forked Metro station guides at stations and on Metro trains will be changed at the same time. Printed materials will be updated with the new station name over a period of time, and both names will be in use during the transition period.

The University of Helsinki will celebrate its 375th anniversary in 2015. The new station name is the City of Helsinki’s gift to the University, which is an important partner to the City.

Helsinki Mayor Jussi Pajunen will present the new name plate to University Rector Jukka Kola in a ceremony to be held at the station entrance at Vuorikatu 12 on 20 January. The media is welcome to attend the ceremony, which will begin at 1 p.m.

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) will organize a program for Metro passengers at the station during the morning hours of 20 January. The passengers can meet staff of the Student Union and Open University from 9am to 12 noon. The University representatives will pass out sweets and reflectors.

More information:
City of Helsinki, Deputy Mayor Pekka Sauri, tel. 0500 433464, pekka.sauri@hel.fi
University of Helsinki, Chancellor Thomas Wilhelmsson, tel. 02941 22206, thomas.wilhelmsson@helsinki.fi
Helsinki City Transport (HKL), Chief of HKL Metro Tapio Hölttä, tel. 050 559 1916, tapio.holtta@hel.fi
Helsinki Region Transport (HSL), Director of Marketing and Communications Mari Flink, tel. +358 40 715 0440, mari.flink@hsl.fi