HSL to hold more meetings to present the route network plan for North East Helsinki

HSL will hold two more meetings to present the route network plan for North East Helsinki. The meetings will be on weeks 6-7. More meetings are needed as the meeting at Malmitalo last week attracted far more people interested in the issue than expected. HSL will announce the exact times and places of the meetings as soon as the practical arrangements have been made. The meetings are planned to held in Alppikylä-Jakomäki and Tapaninvainio-Pukinmäki areas. HSL apologizes for its mistake in assessing the number of participants: the arrangements did not correspond to the number of attendees. It is regrettable that in particular many of those who came earlier in the evening did not get the information about the plan they wanted.

Almost 300 residents of North East Helsinki came to Malmitalo. The number of attendees exceeded well exceeded HSL’s estimate and the “script" for the meeting did not go as planned. The idea was to discuss the route network plan in groups of about twenty people around maps. This did not work and the meeting did not meet the residents’ needs.

HSL has already received feedback on the plan via its website. Also all feedback received at the Malmitalo meeting is taken into account in the further work on the plan. All feedback received at the meetings and online is read and analyzed before the plan is finalized in February.

Route network plan for North East Helsinki online