Switch to winter timetables on 10 August – a wealth of changes to services

Helsinki region public transport services will switch to winter timetables on 10 August. Some major changes to services will take effect on the same day. The biggest changes will take place in Vantaa, where a new bus network will be launched. In addition, a new trunk bus route 560 (Vuosaari-Myyrmäki) will start running. There are changes to bus routes also in other parts of the HSL area.

In Vantaa, bus services will be completely revised. There are changes to most of bus routes and almost all routes are also renumbered Read more about the bus network redesign in Vantaa at http://www.hsl.fi/en/vantaa.

Trunk route 560, which will start operating on 10 August, will improve transverse transport links in the region at the same time strengthening HSL's trunk bus network. The route will run from Rastila via Vuosaari, Mellunmäki, Kontula and Malmi to Myyrmäki. The bus will travel through an over one kilometer long public transport tunnel between Paloheinä and Kuninkaantammi. Read more about trunk route 560 at http://www.hsl.fi/en/ring-rail-line-and-vantaa-bus-network/trunk-route-560

There will be changes also to other services in the HSL area.  Use the links below to read more about the changes.

Changes to bus services on 10 August

Terminus of routes 69, 194, 194A, 195 and 195N to move to Kamppi 
Terminus of bus routes 206, 206A, 212 and 213 in Helsinki relocated to Meilahti 
Helsink internal route 53 and regional routes 205, 503, 504 and 505 withdrawn, new routes 502 and 551
Route and timetable changes in North East Helsinki
Changes to feeder bus services in East Helsinki 
Changes to the route and operating hours of bus 78 in Helsinki
Changes to Helsinki routes 64N and 65N in Käpylä
Changes to bus timetables in Pitäjänmäki, route 360 shortened and renumbered 38
Espoo internal bus routes 2 and 4 and regional routes 503, 504 and 505 replaced by busee running to Westendinasema 
Route 231 withdrawn, changes to routes of Espoo buses 22 and 23
Changes to public transport services in North Espoo
Route 150K extended to Saunaniemi
Suurpelto buses to run via Henttaankaari, route 107 extended
Changes to bus routes and timetables in Sipoo

Changes to tram services from 10 August

Tram routes 8 and 9 will resume their normal routes.

Tram routes 7A and 7B will not resume their normal routes and switch to winter timetables until 31 August when the street works on Pasilankatu and Pasilansilta allow.  Until then, tram services on Pasilansilta and to Länsi-Pasila are replaced by bus 7X, which runs between Pasila station and Lasipalatsi. More information about the diversions in place in Pasila is available at here.

Changes to Metro services from 10 August

The Metro will resume its frequent peak time service running every four minutes (eight minutes between Itäkeskus–Mellunmäki and Itäkeskus–Vuosaari). During the summer, the Metro has been running every five minutes (every ten minutes between Itäkeskus–Mellunmäki and Itäkeskus–Vuosaari) because of the renovation of Myllypuron station.

There are no changes to commuter train and Suomenlinna ferry services.