Passengers satisfied with frequent trunk bus services

In autumn 2015, over 86 percent of passengers were satisfied with public transport services in the HSL area, giving the services a good (4) or very good (5) rating. On a scale of 1-5, the overall rating was 4.06, a slight improvement from autumn 2014. Passengers felt that travel comfort on bus services has significantly improved from 2014, resulting in an increase in the overall satisfaction with HSL’s services.

Passenger satisfaction with the punctuality of commuter train services decreased following the opening of the Ring Rail Line in July 2015. The arrival and departure times of trains operating on the main line and the Ring Rail Line often differed from the information provided on schedules and timetable displays, which decreased the perceived punctuality of the services. However, passenger satisfaction with the smoothness of travel and ease of transfers remained high because the frequent services ensured smooth journeys.

“Despite the problems with punctuality, commuter train services are deemed reliable and passenger satisfaction with commuter train services increased by some two percent from autumn 2014,” says HSL Head of Operational Research Group, Antti Vuorela.

Passengers were also clearly satisfied with the new trunk route 560.

New bus network in Vantaa received with both praise and criticism, increasingly satisfied passengers in Kirkkonummi

The reorganization of the bus network in Vantaa affected passenger satisfaction in the area in many ways. Satisfaction with travel comfort and the tidiness of buses improved significantly because a lot of new vehicles were introduced on the routes that started operating in August. By contrast, satisfaction with, for example, punctuality and ease of transfers decreased on bus services in Vantaa.

In Kirkkonummi, passenger satisfaction with HSL’s bus services improved significantly from autumn 2014.

HSL measures passenger satisfaction with public transport services year-round on all modes of public transport using onboard questionnaires. The surveys are conducted Monday to Thursday 6–6pm and on Fridays 6–4pm. In autumn 2015, over 28,000 passengers responded to the survey.