Escalators from Helsinki Airport train station to the terminal to open by 21 March

Escalators at the terminal entrance of the Helsinki Airport train station are almost completed. Direct access via escalators from the train station to the airport terminal will open at the latest on Monday 21 March.

The installation work was expected to take 14 weeks but the work has progressed ahead of schedule.

- Work has been swift. We’ll be able to move onto the final phase involving, for example, various inspections earlier than anticipated. The escalators will be opened before Easter, at the latest on Monday 21 March. At the moment it seems that we might be able to open the escalators already on Friday 18 March, says Finnish Transport Agency Project Manager Juha Kansonen.

The direct access via lifts from the train station to the airport terminal was opened in December.

- We have received positive feedback from passengers about this. The lifts have proven to be effective and passengers have been satisfied with the ease of access, says Kansonen.

There are three 70-meters long escalators at the terminal entrance. The escalators were taken down the shaft as over seven-meter-long elements weighing seven tons.

Wall of the entrance covered with glass with birch tree design

The escalator shaft is made of steel and glass.

- Like the rest of the station, the entrance has been designed with light and space in mind. Passengers can easily see at which point of the airport terminal they arrive, says Arttu Suomalainen, the architect responsible for the design of the station from PES Architects. 

The wall of the entrance is covered with glass with printed birch tree design.