Switch to winter timetables on 15 August – changes to several routes

Helsinki region public transport will switch to winter timetables on 15 August. There will be changes to several routes. The biggest changes to bus routes will take place in Lauttasaari. In North Espoo, route numbers will change. Changes will take place also in other parts of the HSL area.

Up-to-date timetable information is always available in the Journey Planner (reittiopas.fi). Use the timetable search to get stop-specific timetables for your routes and stops.
In addition, printed timetable leaflets for each route are available onboard and at service points. HSL does not public an autumn timetable booklet.
Printable timetables (PDF)

Contrary to previous plans, bus routes in South Espoo will remain mostly unchanged because the Metro extension from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä is delayed. Bus routes will change in Lauttasaari but there will be direct bus links to Espoo, Kamppi and the city center also in the future.

Use the following links to view the winter timetables:

Changes to bus services from 15 August

New bus route network for Lauttasaari– routes 65A, 66A, 20 and 501 withdrawn from 15 August
Changes to bus departure bays at Rautatientori
Routes 65 and 66 ro replace routes 65A and 66A – New terminus at Rautatientori
Changes to bus routes in Maunula - routes 62 and 51 to be merged
Route 57 extended from Latokartano to Kontula Metro Station
Terminus of routes 206, 206A, 212, 213 and 213N to be moved to Kamppi
Route 506 shortened to run between Viikki and Meilahti
Route 45 renumbered 37
Night bus 18N runs to Eira, no longer serves Kruununhaka
The routes of night buses 90A, 90N, 96N and 97N to change in Itäkeskus

Espoo and Kauniainen:
Bus routes renumbered in North Espoo 
Route 51 to be withdrawn, new route 224 to start running
Route 506 shortened to run between Meilahti and Viikki
Routes 501 and 501V to be witdrawn
Terminus of 206, 206A 212, 213 and 213N to be moved to Kamppi
New neighborhood routes to replace service routes in Espoo and Kauniainen

Route 415 to be extended to Helsinki Airport, new routes 434, 612 and 739V to start running
Service area for neighborhood route 618 to be extended to southern Ruskeasanta and Ruskeasanta cemetery

Bus 8 rerouted in the center of Kerava

Services on route 171 to Siuntio witdrawn and replaced by routes 181 and 182
Shorter route for bus 903 in the center of Kirkkonummi
Kirkkonummi bus routes to switch to winter timetables on 11 August

Changes to the Metro services from 15 August

The Metro will operate more frequently from 15 August 2016. At peak times, the Metro will run every 2.5 minutes between Kamppi and Itäkeskus.

Monday to Friday peak times:
The Metro will operate on two lines (Ruoholahti-Vuosaari and Kamppi-Mellunmäki) at five-minute headways so that at the shared section of route (Kamppi-Itäkeskus) the headways are 2.5 minutes. In the east, every other train goes to Vuosaari, every other to Mellunmäki as at present. In the west, every other train turns around at Kamppi, every other at Ruoholahti.

Saturdays and Monday to Friday daytime:
Headways between Ruoholahti and Itäkeskus 3-4 minutes. In the east (Itäkeskus-Vuosaari and Itäkeskus-Mellunmäki), 7.5-minute headways.

Evenings and Sundays:
Headways between Ruoholahti and Itäkeskus will be 5 minutes. In the east (Itäkeskus-Vuosaari and Itäkeskus-Mellunmäki), keskus 5 minutes.

Changes to train services from 15 August

There will be no major changes to HSL area commuter trains. The D train running at peak times will stop at Kerava but no longer at Tikkurila from 15 August.

In addition, K trains will be replaced by N trains on weekday evenings, Saturday mornings and evenings as well as on Sundays. From 15 August, K trains will run approximately 6am-7pm and on Saturdays 10am-6pm. At other times, N trains run between Helsinki and Kerava. Following the change, there will be more frequent services to/from Tapanila, Pukinmäki and Käpylä, for example on Sundays.