Environmental bonuses for four bus companies in 2017

In 2017, HSL will pay environmental bonuses to four bus operators. The bonuses will amount to 972,400 euros (+VAT). The bonuses are paid based on a competitive bidding held in October. HSL asked bus companies to suggest measures to reduce carbon and local emissions.

Bus operators suggested the use of paraffinic biodiesel produced from waste material or residue in diesel buses, the use of bioethanol produced from waste material or residue on ethanol buses, and the use of biogas in gas buses. HSL evaluated the combined environmental benefits of the suggested measures as well as the cost-effectiveness of individual bids.

In the comparison of bids, Oy Pohjolan Kaupunkiliikenne Ab took the top place with its suggestion of using biodiesel. The other recipients of environmental bonuses are Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy, Nobina Finland Oy and Oy Pohjolan Liikenne Ab.

The environmental benefits of the suggested projects are significant. With buses using 6.7 million liters of biodiesel, the carbon emissions from bus services procured by HSL will reduce by over 12,000 tons a year, nitrogen oxides by nearly seven tons and fine particles by 270kg. 135,000 liters of bioethanol will reduce carbon emissions from bus services by 125 tons a year and 600,000 kg of biogas by 1,367 tons a year.

HSL’s strategic goal is to reduce local emissions and carbon emissions by over 90 per cent by 2025 from the 2010 level. The ultimate goal is a well-serving public transport that is clean, intelligent and energy-efficient. Achieving these goals requires new vehicle technology and low-emission sources of energy.