HSL tendered the operation of bus services in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa for autumn 2017

HSL has awarded contracts for bus services from August 2017. In total 51 low-emission Euro VI buses will enter into service then.

The bidding process included in total 95 buses in eight operating units involving internal bus routes in Helsinki and Vantaa as well as regional routes in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Several of the routes included in the process are part of the Bus Network Plan for North-East Helsinki approved by the HSL Executive Board.

The contracts were awarded to four bus operators: Etelä-Suomen Linjaliikenne Oy (42 vehicles Mon-Fri), Nobina Finland Oy (27 vehicles Mon-Fri), Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy (14 vehicles Mon-Fri) and Transdev Vantaa Oy (12 vehicles Mon-Fri). The bids were evaluated using the Most Economically Advantageous Tender criteria.

Over half of the vehicles are Euro VI compliant new buses equipped with air conditioning, automatic fire extinguishing system and a driving style monitoring system. In addition, drivers’ safety is improved by safety cabins and camera surveillance.

All  95 buses will also be equipped with ignition interlock devices.

Operating unit Route number Operator

79B, 506

Etelä-Suomen Linjaliikenne Oy
220 553(K) Nobina Finland Oy
221 73, 73N, 74, 74N, 611, 611B Etelä-Suomen Linjaliikenne Oy
222 63, 70 Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy
223 411, 421, 431, 431N,573 Transdev Vantaa Oy
224 562, 562N, 587 Nobina Finland Oy