HSL to introduce the new bus network in Espoo and Lauttasaari when the West Metro opens

Länsimetro Oy announced on Friday 9 December that the Metro line to Matinkylä is estimated to be completed in June. According to Länsimetro Oy, the line could possibly be opened for traffic until Tapiola in April. The schedule will be updated in January/February as the testing proceeds.

According to the information provided by Länsitmetro Oy, it seems that Metro services to Matinkylä could begin in June. HSL will be able to decide on the beginning of the services only once the schedule for the completion of the works has been confirmed.  

In this case, the switch to feeder bus services could take place at the beginning of the summer timetable season, on 19 June. The current bus routes in from Espoo, Lauttasaari and Kirkkonummi to Helsinki city center will operate until then.