Changes to service point opening hours over the Easter weekend

There will be changes to the opening hours of public transport service points over the Easter weekend from Maundy Thursday 13 April.

On Maundy Thursday, HSL’s service points will be open as follows:
• Pasila 8.30am-4pm
• Itäkeskus 10am-5.15pm
• Rautatientori 7.30-17am
• HSL Penalty Fares Office 8.30am-2pm

On Holy Saturday 15 April, the service point at Rautatientori will be open 10am-3pm

On Maundy Thursday, Vantaa Infos will be open as follows:
• Korso 8am-3pm
• Myyrmäki 7.45am-3pm
• Tikkurila 7.45am-3pm

Over the Easter Weekend 14-17 April, all Vantaa Infos will be closed.

In Espoo, Citizen Services will be open on Maundy Thursday 9am-3pm.
Over the Easter weekend 14-17 April, all Citizen Services will be closed, including Matinkylä.

The Kerava service point will be open as follows in weeks 15 and 16:
Monday 10 April 8am-5.30pm
Tuesday 11 April 8am-3pm
Wednesday 12 April 8am-3pm
Thursday 13 April 8am-3pm
Friday 14 April closed

Monday 17 April closed
Tuesday 18 April 8am-5.30pm
Wednesday 19 April 8am-5.30pm
Thursday 13 April 8am-5.30pm
Friday 21 April 8am-12noon

(the exceptional opening hours on Tue 11 April and Wed 12 April are due to staff training)

In Sipoo, 10- 12 April, service points will be open as usual, i.e.

• Nikkilä Mon-Tue 11 8am-5pm and Wed 8am-3.30pm
• Söderkulla Tue-Wed 10am-12noon and 12.30pm-5pm

On Maundy Thursday, the Nikkilä service point will close at 2pm

In Kauniainen, the service point will be open on Maundy Thursday 9am-2.30pm