Metro test runs continue on 3 and 4 October

The West Metro test runs will continue on Tuesday 3 October and Wednesday 4 October.

The West Metro test runs will continue on Tuesday 3 October and Wednesday 4 October for the whole day.

The previous test runs were performed on Thursday 28 September. During the test runs, it was noted that the timetables are designed too tight, particularly at peak times. Analysis of the test run findings will continue and, if need be, changes to the timetables will be made in cooperation with HKL. In the evening, a problem was detected in the system controlling the platform displays.

“We must perform several test runs in conditions that resemble the future Metro service operating conditions as much as possible in order to prevent future problems when passengers services begin on the West Metro section of line,” says HKL’s Managing Director Ville Lehmuskoski.

As with the previous test runs, passengers must get off the trains at the latest at Ruoholahti. On the test run days, all trains from Vuosaari and Mellunmäki go to Ruoholahti.

New platform displays tested

The new platform displays will also be again tested on Tuesday and Wednesday. Currently there is one new display on each platform. In other words, on the test run days the Metro arrival times and destinations are shown on platform displays marked with "koekäytössä" (in test use) stickers. Other platform displays are switched off. This means passengers waiting for the train at the other end of the platform will not necessarily be able to see the display. HSL and HKL apologize for any inconvenience caused to passengers.

Changes and delays to Metro services are possible and passengers are advised to allow extra time for their journeys. Information about any changes to services will be available at, in the Journey Planner and on the Metro timetable displays. In addition, you can subscribe to receive HSL’s disruption alerts to your email.