Metro test runs continue on Monday 16 October

The Helsinki Metro operator HKL will continue West Metro test runs next week. Test runs will be performed without interruption from Monday 16 October, with the exception of Wednesday 18 October. Passengers again must get off at the latest at Ruoholahti. In addition, only one platform display is in use on each platform, like on the previous test run days. Information about potential changes to Metro services will be available at and on passenger information displays. You can also subscribe to receive disruption alerts to your email.

Next week, test runs will be performed to test, for example, solutions to the problems identified in the previous test runs related to keeping the timetables and the West Metro power supply system. 
The previous test runs have shown that the lenght of the new section of Metro line and the two and half minute headways at peak times cause challenges to the reliability of services in cases of disruptions.
-    We will be performing three timetable tests a day for three days. We will add one train to test different operating options. After this, we will assess the effects on the punctuality of services with HSL, says HKL's Managing Director Ville Lehmuskoski.

Some changes and repairs are still needed on the West Metro section of line before starting passenger services. If all works known at the moment can be completed during the test run period, the test runs will continue without interruption until it is possible to start passenger services. 
The most important aim of the test runs is to ensure reliable passenger service. Three test run days without disruption are required before starting passenger services. So far individual problmes that need addressing have been identified on each test run day.