More city bikes in Espoo next year

A city bike pilot was run in Espoo from May 2017. Next year the number of bikes will increase to 700, located at 70 bike stations.

This year there were in total 100 bikes and 10 bike stations in Matinkylä and Olari. The bikes and stations were on loan from Helsinki City Transport.

Results of the pilot were in line with expectations. The number of users of the small and disconnected city bike network was relatively small, but there was demand for the bikes from the beginning of the season. The bikes were used for about 760 journeys a week.

The number of users is expected to increase significantly next year. City bikes were mostly used for leisure journeys but next year they will be useful also for feeder journeys to Metro stations.

CityBike Finland Oy was selected as the supplier of Espoo city bikes and it will be responsible for the implementation and operation of the city bike system in Espoo in 2018-2025.

CityBike Finland is also responsible for the city bike system in Helsinki, which enables the two systems to be integrated. However, this requires an agreement between HKL, CityBike Finland and the City of Espoo.