Passengers satisfied with ferry services to Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna ferry passengers gave HSL public transport services a very good overall rating of 4.22 on a scale of 1 to 5. The overall score given to the operator of the ferry services was also high, 4.36.

In July 2017, passengers numbers on the ferry were record high with over 390,000 passengers. Photo: HSL / Lauri Eriksson

Passenger satisfaction with the ferry services has remained high despite increased passenger numbers. July 2017 saw a new record in passenger numbers on the ferry with 390,000 monthly passengers. The high satisfaction rate is partly explained by that individual leisure journeys to Suomenlinna are made in particular during the summer months.

The increased passenger numbers had a negative impact in particular on the perceived punctuality of the ferry services, which was down from summer 2016. When the ferry is full, it may leave from the pier before the scheduled departure time and, on the other hand, the next departure may be late if the disembarkation of passengers takes longer than scheduled. When the ferries are crowded, delays may accumulate. In addition, passengers considered that cleanliness and travel comfort had decreased from the previous summer.

Positive feedback about the renovation of the main pier in Suomenlinna

The renovation of the main pier in Suomenlinna was completed in summer 2017. Following the long-awaited redevelopment of the pier, satisfaction with waiting conditions at the pier slightly improved from summer 2016. In addition, respondents gave plenty of positive feedback about the redevelopment in the open-ended section of the survey. The introduction of a dedicated access gate for Suomenlinna residents was welcomed, although the gate cannot be used if traveling with a pram, wheelchair or a bicycle. Passengers expressed their desire for a similar gate for residents at the Market Square and that those working in Suomenlinna could get the right to use the gates.

There were problems in the installation of new timetable displays due to production delays at the manufacturer. Consequently, there was no timetable display on the main pier in Suomenlinna in the summer. And passenger satisfaction with the availability of timetable and route information was down from summer 2016. In addition, passengers wanted clearer passenger information for occasional passengers and foreign visitors.

HSL measures passenger satisfaction with public transport services to/from Suomenlinna 1 June-31 August using onboard questionnaires. The survey is conducted Monday to Thursday 6am-6pm, on Fridays 6am-4pm and on Saturdays 10am-2pm on ferry services procured by HSL. In summer 2017, over 1,200 ferry passengers responded to the survey. In the survey, passengers assess HSL’s public transport services on a scale of 1- 5. The survey data is available via an open online data base at: