Child tickets now available on HSL’s mobile ticket app

Child tickets are now available on the HSL Mobile ticket app. Children aged 7-16 years can buy HSL’s mobile single tickets and day tickets.

On Monday 4 December, HSL introduced mobile tickets for children to make family travel on public transport easier.

You can now buy HSL’s mobile single and day tickets for children aged 7-16 years. Children under 7 years of age travel for free on HSL public transport.

“In addition to child tickets, we are introducing an offline function, i.e. the tickets are available also without internet or WiFi connection. This makes traveling easier also for foreign visitors as continuous internet connection is not required,” says Satu Rönnqvist, HSL’s Senior Mobile and Online Sales Expert.

In order to buy HSL mobile tickets you need a smartphone and the HSL Mobile ticket app available from app stores free of charge. Mobile tickets are available for all HSL fare zones and they are valid on all HSL public transport. Parents can set daily purchase limits for their children. You can set the limit at 10-50 euros per day.

“Many customers have been asking for mobile tickets for children. Children and young people can forget their Travel Cards at home but they never forget their mobile phones. Mobile tickets are also available with prepaid subscriptions. In addition, the tickets can be purchased in advance so that they become valid 1-24 hours from the moment of purchase,” says Mari Flink, director of HSL’s Customer Experience and Sales Department.

Mobile tickets can be paid by Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard, or you can have them charged to your phone bill.

Children travel at half the adult fare on HSL’s transport services. The prices of HSL mobile tickets will be reduced at the beginning of next year. Currently, city internal mobile tickets for children cost 1.50 euros. From 1 January 2018, the price will be 1.10 euros. The night fare will be removed from 1 January 2018.

Valid mobile tickets have three colors. On buses, the ticket is shown to the driver, on other modes of transport to the ticket inspector upon request.

Child tickets are first introduced on HSL Mobile ticket apps for Android devices and after that on apps for iOS and Windows devices.

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