New bus routes for South Espoo and Lauttasaari from 3 January: More frequent service and new interchange hubs

The major changes to public transport in the Helsinki region related to the Metro extension will conclude with the roll out of new bus routes in South Espoo and Lauttasaari on Wednesday 3 January 2018.

The biggest changes will take place in Espoo, where both city internal bus routes and routes to Helsinki will change. The Metro serves as the public transport link from South Espoo to Helsinki city center and buses take passengers to Metro stations from around Espoo.

The main interchanges are Matinkylä and Tapiola. In Matinkylä, passengers are served by a new bus terminal integrated with the Metro station and Iso Omena shopping center. In Tapiola, temporary arrangements will remain in place until the opening of the Merituulentie bus terminal in early 2019.

Other interchanges include Niittykumpu, Urheilupuisto and Aalto University.

In terms of Espoo internal bus services, the biggest change will be the introduction of more frequent services on the most important routes. On the other hand, the number of interchanges will increase.

Night buses to South Espoo will continue to operate from the Kamppi terminal outside the Metro operating hours.

Major investments in the Espoo street network

In order to ensure the operating conditions of feeder bus services, the city of Espoo has made major investments in the street network by building new streets and improving the most important streets around Metro stations. Street works in the surroundings of Metro stations have been completed, with the exception of Tapiola and Aalto University.

Bus lanes have been built on Länsiväylä for westbound feeder buses serving Matinkylä. In addition, new lanes have been added on Piispansilta, along with traffic signal priorities for public transport. A new street, Suomenlahdentie, has been opened for feeder services to Soukka and Iivisniemi. New arrangements have also been introduced in the surroundings of other Metro stations.

Park & Ride parking is available for a fee at Matinkylä, Tapiola, Urheilupuisto and Niittykumpu Metro Stations, as well as at Lauttasaari in Helsinki. There are bicycle racks enabling frame-locking at all Metro Stations.  

Changes also in Helsinki and Kirkkonummi

In Lauttasaari, all bus routes will run to or via Lauttasaari Metro Station. In addition, there will be direct bus links from Lauttasaari to Erottaja and Hietalahti, as well as to Keilaniemi and Tapiola.

Bus routes will also change in Lehtisaari and Kuusisaari, which will be served by an all-day, frequent crosstown route 551. Journeys to Helsinki city center will in future require transfers.

Regional bus routes currently running from Kirkkonummi to Kamppi in Helsinki will terminate at Matinkylä bus terminal.