HSL is planning improvements to bus services in South Espoo

HSL proposes the City of Espoo to introduce new bus routes and improvements to existing routes in South Espoo. The proposal is HSL’s answer to Espoo City Council’s Group Division that published a list of improvement areas in public transport on 22 January.

The opening of the Metro extension to Matinkylä in Espoo fundamentally changed the transport system in South Espoo and Lauttasaari. At the same time, the bus network had to be redesigned in both areas. Following the major changes, HSL is paying close attention to customer feedback, driving time data, passenger numbers and any emerging problems.

It is understandable that such major changes cause confusion and even annoyance, especially where journey times have increased. However, HSL is striving to make travel as smooth as possible and takes all feedback seriously.

This week, HSL proposed six measures to improve the situation that would cost up to about three million euros a year. The measures also include completely new bus routes.

HSL is already working on a number of smaller measures, such as amendments to timetables. These will take effect during February/March. In addition, HSL has monitored the performance of the Metro services. In February, a trial will be conducted where all trains run to Matinkylä in the morning peak.

 “We estimate that these six improvement measures together with the changes to the bus timetables that are already being sorted out will significantly improve the situation,” says Tero Anttila, the Director of Public Transport Department at HSL.

“At the moment, the Metro itself and the Matinkylä bus terminal are working well,” says Anttila.

HSL proposes the following measures to improve bus services in South Espoo:

  • A new route Haukilahti-Westend-Lauttasaari operating on weekdays
  • A new route Kivenlahti-Ring Road II-Leppävaara operating at peak times
  • A new route Latokaski-Tapiola-Meilahti or extending the route 125B to Latokaski, operating at peak times
  • Splitting route 158 into two towards the end of the route in Espoo
  • Adding an extra bus on route 543 for school transport
  • Possibly adding services on route 164 to Saunalahti to operate along the highway at peak times