Tendering of HSL’s train services to commence

June 2021 will mark the beginning of a new era in Helsinki region commuter train services, when the operator tendered by HSL undertakes to operate commuter trains in the region. The tendering process consist of two phases.

“The aim is to find a cost-effective solution that improves the quality and reliability of train services, and to make train services an even more integrated part of HSL public transport,” says Tero Anttila, the Director of HSL’s Public Transport Department.

HSL strives to find an operator who puts HSL’s customers first. At the same time, the aim is to even better integrate commuter train services into HSL’s other services and brand.

The tender process applies to commuter train services on the Ring Rail Line, on the main line from Helsinki to Kerava and on the coastal line from Helsinki to Siuntio. Other commuter train services are part of regional train services purchased by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Tendered regional train services will start operating about one year later than the services tendered by HSL.

HSL will determine in detail the services provided, train routes and timetables on the basis of current service structure. In the new model, HSL will play a more significant role in the planning and implementation of train services.

The tendering process will be conducted in two phases using competitive dialogue. The first phase is about to begin. In the first phase, the suitability of bidders will be evaluated and the bidders that meet the eligibility criteria will be invited to participate in the competitive dialogue. After the competitive dialogue, HSL will publish the final call for bids and draft contract, with the aim of announcing the winner in April 2020.

The tendered services are scheduled to begin on 27 June 2021.