High frequency Metro services to Matinkylä tested on Thursday morning 5 April

On Thursday 5 April, HSL will test running all Metro trains to Matinkylä in the morning peak 7am-9.30am. This means that the Metro will run at 2.5 minute headways between Itäkeskus and Matinkylä.

The high frequency operating model has previously been tested with simulations. The main aim of the test is to obtain more information about operating the services at shorter headways.

No decision has been made on switching to higher frequency services. HSL, who procures the services, and the Metro operator HKL will still need to discuss the issue. The switch to higher frequency services to Matinkylä could take place at the earliest in the autumn.

Running all trains to Matinkylä would increase the number of trains in service simultaneously but also increase the number of drivers needed. In addition, higher frequency services would in the long-term be more susceptible to disruptions.