HSL examines the impacts of the West Metro on travel

HSL will be conducting a Travel Survey to study what kind of public transport journeys are made within the catchment area of the West Metro and how the Metro has affected people’s travel patterns. The survey runs from 9 April to 8 May 2018.


Survey invitations will be distributed to passengers at West Metro stations, on buses in southern Espoo and Lauttasaari as well as on coastal line commuter trains. The invitation includes a link to an online survey which can be completed after the journey or during it, for example, on a smart phone.

The aim is to obtain information about the journeys of passengers over 15 years age and about the background factors affecting them. The questions relate to the trip during which the respondent received the survey invitation. Respondents are asked, for example, what was the place of departure, where was the respondent going and what modes of transport did they use for the journey. In addition, respondents are asked how has the West Metro affected their use of different modes of transport.

The Travel Survey is part of the impact assessment of major public transport projects. A similar survey was conducted before the opening of the West Metro in spring 2016. The current survey will provide comparison data on how travel by public transport has changed in the West Metro catchment area. The survey results will be published at HSL’s website by the end of 2018.