HSL’s Interim Report: Passenger numbers increased more than expected

HSL passenger numbers have increased in the early part of 2018, increasing operating income by 1.3% compared to the budget. HSL’s operating expenses are projected to be 2.5% less than expected. Cost savings have been achieved in particular in the operation of train services (5 million euros). VR’s prices were reviewed in early 2018.

“At the beginning of the year, we cut the prices of mobile tickets. They now cost the same as value tickets. Otherwise, ticket prices remained the same. The early part of the year has seen good growth in passenger numbers. We estimate ticket revenut to amount to 374 million euros this year, which would be 9.6 million euros more than expected,” says Suvi Rihtniemi, HSL Executive Director.

Operating income is estimated to total 731 million euros. Operating expenses are estimated to total 705 million euros, 18 million euros less than budgeted. In 2018, HSL is projected to fun a surplus of 7.5 million euros, while the budget provided for a loss of 21.5 million euros. The estimate is based on actual figures for the first four months of the year, i.e. it is only indicative.


Mobile ticket prices were cut at the beginning of the year. The tickets cost the same as value tickets. By mid-may, HSL’s mobile app had been downloaded by over one million times.