Mobile tickets only available via the new HSL app from 1 September

From 1 September, mobile tickets will no longer be available via the old HSL Mobile ticket app. If you want to continue buying mobile tickets, download the new HSL app as soon as possible.

The old mobile ticket app displays a message about the change. Open the message to download the new HSL app. Alternatively, you can download the app at The app is available for Android and iPhone devices free of charge. The HSL app is not available for Windows phones.

As the old and new app are not connected, we advice you to sent any receipts you need to keep to your email before you remove the old app from your phone. Your purchase history will not be transferred from the old app to the new one.

The new HSL app is much more versatile than the old mobile ticket app. The new app allows you to buy single and day tickets as well as 30-day tickets for adults. The app also includes the Journey Planner, which finds you the best routes and tells which ticket you need for your journey. The app also allows you to buy a ticket directly for a selected route.

In addition, the app keeps you up-to-date buy providing you with transport news tailored to you. You can see news about your favorite routes and your neighborhood at a glance.

HSL is developing the app continuously, e.g. by adding new tickets to the selection of tickets available. For example, the app will in the future include a monthly auto-renewing subscription.

Plenty of other new features are planned to be introduced later, such as instant feedback and various intelligent functions based on travel and location data. For example, the app can suggest the user a particular route often used by the user.