HSL’s Interim Report: passenger numbers on the rise

HSL’s Interim Report for January-August projects a better result than budgeted. This is explained in particular by increased passenger numbers and the upward trend in ticket revenue.

Passenger numbers are projected to increase by 3.6 percent from the previous year. This means some 388 million boardings a year. The budget assumed a 1.5 per cent increase in passenger numbers from the previous year.

Ticket revenue is estimated to amount to 374 million euros, exceeding the budget by 2.5 per cent. This despite that the price of the mobile ticket was cut from 2.90 euros to 2.20 euros at the beginning of the year. The prices of other tickets did not change.

“Mobile ticket sales are rapidly increasing. In January-August, revenue from mobile ticket sales amounted to nearly 40 million euros and the estimate for the whole year is nearly 75 million euros. In August, some 2.3 million mobile tickets were delivered to customers, nearly four times as many as at the same time last year,” says Suvi Rihtniemi, HSL’s Executive Director.

The good result is partly due to good cost control: operating expenses are estimated to total 705 million euros, 2.5 million euros less than budgeted. Operation compensations to transport operators account for 71 per cent of operating expenses. The compensations are estimated to amount to 14 million euros or 2.7 per cent less than budget.

HSL is projected to run a surplus of about 8 million euros. The forecast for the year as a whole is still uncertain because the overall annual income depends on the passenger numbers and ticket revenue during the rest of the year.