New bus service 159 to be launched in Latokaski

A new bus route 159 will start operating in Latokaski on 7 January 2019. Route 125B will be replaced by route 125K and route 531K by route 531B.

A new bus route 159 will start running between Latokaski and Matinkylä Metro Station on Monday 7 January 2019. The bus will run via Nöykkiönkatu and Länsiväylä. The journey time from Latokaski to Matinkylä will be shorter than on route 531K.

Bus 159 will run every 15 minutes, at quiet times and on Sundays every 30 minutes. 

From 7 January 2019, bus 531B will replace bus 531K. The new bus service will run from Tiistilä via Matinkylä (M) to Kuitinmäki, i.e. it will not serve Latokaski.

Bus 125K will replace bus 125B. The new bus will run from Tapiola (M) via Niittykumpu (M) and Olari to Latokaski. The bus will ensure a direct on peak bus service between Olari and Latokaski

Bus 125K will run every 15 minutes at peak times.

The changes are made to improve feeder services in Espoo.