HSL offers personal 30-day mobile tickets through its OpenMaaS sales interface

At the beginning of April, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) opened one of the world's first open retail interfaces for mobile tickets. Starting from 30 November, personal season tickets have also been available through the interface, in addition to the previously offered mobile single tickets and day tickets.

Since spring, HSL has continuously developed its sales interface. On 30 November, HSL also added HTML versions of tickets to the interface. Using these, MaaS operators can easily integrate HSL’s mobile tickets into their services.

At the same time, 30-day mobile season tickets for adults living in HSL area were made available through the interface to MaaS operators and other parties interested in selling HSL tickets.

If a MaaS operator wants to sell subsidized season tickets that are intended for people living in HSL’s member municipalities via their service, each passenger must authorize the MaaS operator to purchase tickets carrying a discount on their behalf. This constitutes acting on someone else’s behalf as stipulated in the Act on Transport Services.

In addition, an agreement is required to use HSL’s OpenMaas interface. This means that MaaS operators must enter into an agreement with HSL on the use of the interface.

All tickets sold on HSL’s OpenMaas interface carry the same price as tickets sold in HSL’s own travel card and mobile channels.

Use of HSL’s open access interface services is free of charge. Answers to frequently asked questions are available in the interface’s developer portal at https://sales-api.hsl.fi/