Journey Planner for the new zones tells you what ticket to buy next spring

The recently launched Journey Planner for the new zones A, B, C and D shows the boundaries of the zones and guides the passenger in buying the right ticket. HSL will introduce the new travel zones in spring 2019.

Next spring, HSL will introduce new fare zones and new tickets. Go to the recently launched Journey Planner for the new zones to see which zones your daily journeys will take you through after the reform or, for example, to find out in which zone your new study place is located.

The Journey Planner also tells you what ticket you should buy for each journey.

Check the Journey Planner for the new zones here:

This is how you find out your travel zones

Which zones? A general overview of the boundaries of zones A, B, C and D in the HSL area is available on the home page of the Journey Planner for the new zones.

Which zones will I be travelling in? Use the route search to find out which zones you will pass through on your journey. For example, if you travel from Puistola to Ylästö in Vantaa, you can travel either only in zone B, in zones A and B, or in zones B and C. The zone information will be displayed next to the route search.

What ticket will I need? For example, when travelling from Puistola in Helsinki to Ylästö in Vantaa, you can choose the most suitable route and ticket. Depending on the route, you can buy either an AB or BC ticket. In zones A, B and C, you always need to buy a two-zone ticket.

Information on zone boundaries displayed at all stops, in route maps and in the HSL app

When the new zones are introduced, the Journey Planner in the HSL app will also tell the passenger what ticket is needed for the journey. The ticket required for the route can be bought directly on the HSL app.

The HSL website has a map showing which zones different places are located in. The zone boundaries will also be marked in printed route maps. At stops and stations, the zone will be displayed on stop signs as well as on the posters on information sheets.

In the Metro and trains, on-board announcements will tell passengers when the zone changes. The displays on board buses will show the zone of each bus stop. On board, Travel Card readers will display the zone you are in and the tickets available in the current zone.

The switch to the new zones will take place next spring

When the new zones are introduced in the HSL area next spring, the current fare zones based on the municipal borders will be replaced with zones indicated by letters ABCD. The zones form rings about 10 kilometres wide around the centre of Helsinki. The capital region, i.e. Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa, is located in zones A, B and C, Kerava, Sipoo, Tuusula, Kirkkonummi and Siuntio are in zone D.

New tickets will also be introduced. From next spring, the tickets used for travelling in the HSL area will be zone tickets instead of internal, regional and extended regional tickets. In zones A, B and C, the current internal tickets will be replaced by the AB or BC ticket and the regional ticket by the ABC ticket.

Read more about the new zones here: