Old Travel Cards can no longer be topped up at ticket machines after 7 January 2019

The old green HSL Travel Cards cannot be topped up at ticket machines after 7 January 2019. After 7 January, customers must visit a sales point or top up point, where the old card will be replaced with a new, blue HSL card. By the end of 2018, more than 700,000 cards had already been replaced.

The old HSL Travel Cards can no longer be topped up at ticket machines after 7 January. From that date, the green Travel Cards can only be topped up at Travel Card sales and top up points. When you visit a sales or top up point, your old card will be replaced with a new HSL card. 

Cards are replaced, for example, at R-kioks, Prisma and K-Citymarket stores, Stockmann department stores, several S-market, Alepa and K-market grocery stores and small kiosks as well as at HSL's service points and municipal service points. You can find sales and top up points via HSL’s sales point search. 

Any season ticket and value remaining on the old card as well as all other information such as a discount entitlement, are transferred to the HSL new card. The new HSL cards work in the same way as the old Travel Cards.

If you still have a valid ticket or value loaded on your old Travel Card, you can use it until the introduction of the new zone model in the HSL area, scheduled to take place in spring 2019. Travel Cards can be replaced free of charge at all sales points until the introduction of the new fare zones. After that, cards are replaced only at HSL and municipal service points for a fee of six euros. 

The replacement of cards started at the end of October and by 31 December 2018, 707,000 cards had already been replaced.

HSL card enables many new services

Customers can create an HSL account, which will allow them to access all the new services related to the HSL card. For example, after the introduction of the new zone model, the account enables online top up of cards and various tailored information services. However, it is not necessary to create an account to use the new card.

Card numbers change, free tickets valid for travel throughout the HSL area for blind persons and veterans

It is worth noting that when you replace your old card with the new HSL card, the card number changes. This means that if you have used your Travel Card number to register for various services such as the city bike service and access control systems, you need to enter the number of your new HSL card into these services.

In addition, different benefits offered by various companies may have been registered on your Travel Card; these are not automatically transferred into the HSL card. In this case you should contact the company in question to find out how the benefits can be transferred to your new card. For example, the Kliento website contains instructions for how to transfer benefits from the old card to the new one.

In some cases, customers need to keep the old Travel Card in order to have the benefits transferred. We advise customers to find out how to transfer any benefit before changing cards.

In conjunction with the replacement of cards, customer groups ‘Front veteran’ and ‘Disabled war veteran’ will be merged into one group, ‘Veteran’. The customer group is updated automatically.

Blind persons and veterans are entitled to a free 3-zone extended regional ticket. This means that customers whose home municipality is Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Kauniainen get a 3-zone extended regional ticket instead of a regional ticket when they change cards. The 3-zone extended regional ticket covers the whole HSL area. In Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Sipoo, Tuusula and Siuntio, blind persons and veterans are already entitled to free 3-zone extended regional tickets.

The update can only be made at HSL service points and municipal service points. However, customers can change their cards at any sales point.

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