Fleet quality improved in 2018

The condition of vehicles operating on HSL area public transport services improved last year. Record results were achieved on bus and train services. In autumn 2018, fleet quality was up from spring 2018 on all modes of transport. On bus and train services, fleet quality was at an all-time high since monitoring began.

HSL monitors the quality of public transport vehicles with annual quality controls. The aim is to improve customers’ travel experience and fleet quality. In autumn 2018, a total of 4,089 vehicles were examined.

In buses, the most common problem was defects in windows and on the outer surfaces. The biggest improvement was seen in the cleanliness of seats. On tram services, the results recovered to the level before the drop in spring 2018. Just like on bus services, the biggest improvement was in the cleanliness of seats. Articulated trams had a lot of defects in the floors and stairs as well as scratches on windows.

Results improved also on metro and commuter train services. On the Metro, problems were observed in the condition of windows, walls and handrails. On commuter trains, there was room for improvement in the cleanliness of seats, as well as in tables and trash cans.

Quality control in brief

In autumn 2018, a total of 4, 089 buses, trams, metro and commuter trains were examined. 73% of the observations were made on bus services, 8% on tram services, 12% on metro services and 7% on commuter train services. The autumn 2018 research cycle ran from the beginning of September to the end of November. The results are used to determine the quality bonus payments and quality sanctions to operators, as well as to improve fleet quality. The goal of fleet quality controls is to improve the quality perceived by passengers. Fleet quality controls have been conducted since 2012. Passenger satisfaction with the quality of public transport vehicles has improved over the years. According to the autumn 2018 customer satisfaction survey, 81% of respondents were satisfied with the cleanliness of vehicles.

Link to the survey (in Finnish)